Strategic guidance for Citizens Advice Milton Keynes

17 April 2019

In February this year Ben Thomas, Director of Citizens Advice Milton Keynes, spoke at MK City Breakfast.

There were a few things that we learned that morning about the organisation, one of the most eye opening being that it is in fact a charity.  Few seemed to know that fact.  Following the meeting Bryan had a conversation with Ben, intrigued to know more.

One brainstorm meeting and a call or two later, and we found ourselves yesterday facilitating a workshop, keen to help them to progress their strategic planning.

Thank you Ben, for your kind words below. We’re delighted to be involved and are looking forward to an ongoing, productive relationship.

Business planning and all things strategic can feel like a monumental undertaking, both for a Charity’s board and its Director.

We were very lucky to have the team from Yellowyoyo giving us some of their time yesterday, to help us achieve clarity and focus around some exciting new ideas for the future.  Thanks so much guys – we learnt a lot!