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Bringing together local business leaders to discuss thoughts in a relaxed and informal setting

Every quarter, we bring together some of the biggest names in our business community to discuss matters affecting leadership, industry, communities and more.

The idea behind The Lunch isn’t new to Yellowyoyo, as in the past we’ve held similar invite only events in London.

We’re excited to be now holding these popular gatherings in Milton Keynes. Lunch on us, when we’re joined by local leaders in a relaxed setting to share opinions and highlight the issues we all face.

It’s our aim to create a space where local leaders can come together to learn from one another, with the understanding that we have rules ensuring that everyone is comfortable to speak openly and honestly.

At a time of significant growth and development for our organisation it was a timely invitation, giving me an invaluable opportunity to step back and scan the horizon with peers from different sectors.

Maya Joseph-Hussain / CEO of The Safety Centre

The skills, talent and efficiencies charity leaders need to employ and nurture are equal to those for our colleagues in the private sector, yet we are always limited by resource, buying and bargaining power.  So opportunities like this, to join forward thinking debate and share insights with business leaders are invaluable.

For charities to grow and thrive and navigate the road ahead we need a seat at the table and we need great partnerships. Thank you Yellowyoyo for realising the importance of these conversations and for bringing people together in such an enjoyable way.

Sarah Sweet-Rowley /CEO of Autism Early Support

What an afternoon!

Yellowyoyo have found a way to bring together the right mix of people to drive those thought-provoking conversations that challenge leaders today in a safe comfortable environment.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Lunch; the discussions were so enriching. 

Precious Zumbika-Lwanga /Carus Advisory Services

There were so many things discussed, from equity in employment and education right through to AI technology. It was a fascinating afternoon and left me with lots to consider.

If you get invited to The Lunch by Yellowyoyo, go!

Amanda Marlow / Mayor of Milton Keynes 22-23

We’re delighted that All Things Business, Milton Keynes’ premier business magazine, have joined us as Media Partner for The Lunch.

Frazer Arnott, ATB’s Sales Director, will be at each of our events to contribute to the conversation. A summary of The Lunch will appear in the following month’s publication.


To have the opportunity to have a seat at our table, please email us at hello@yellowyoyo.co.uk

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