Be Active

Sport England, the physical activity and sport advocacy institution, funds and supports 43 distinct Active Partnerships throughout England. Each Active Partnership has a strong understanding of the needs and issues in their own area, with their focus being on physically inactive people and under-represented groups.

One such partnership is the flagship Active Partnership for Bedfordshire and Luton, Team Beds & Luton, or so it was named at the point at which the organisation contacted us. Hosted by Active Luton, a community wellbeing trust, the organisation strives to create a healthier, happier Bedfordshire by working collaboratively to foster opportunities for lifelong physical activity.

The Brief

Despite robust plans and a deep commitment, Team Beds & Luton recognised a critical issue. Their brand was rigid and heavily sports-centric, something that they understood would alienate a proportion of their target demographic.

As an organisation they’ve evolved from a delivery-focused entity to a strategic influencer, driving change through collaboration and partnerships. It’s imperative therefore that their brand reflects this shift in operation and ethos.

Team Beds & Luton’s brief to us was to help them to transform in a way that truly embodied their new strategic direction, emphasised the inclusivity of their mission and resonated with their key target groups and stakeholders.

The aim was to elevate the brand’s profile as the leading voice in promoting movement and physical activity across Bedfordshire and Luton, to enable the organisation to drive significant change in its community, champion inclusivity, and positively impact public health and wellbeing.

“We need to take our key strategic partners and stakeholders with us on the development of these changes. Creative development therefore needs to be underpinned by consultation and research.” Clare Fitzboyden / Director of Be Active   

Our Solution

The project began with sector and competitive research. We then held a Business & Brand Discovery Workshop to clarify objectives, set values and perception, discuss customer groups, begin discussing messaging and purpose, and ensure that all parties were on the same page.

It was clear that featuring the word ‘sport’ in the brand name was no longer a positive, and so we also facilitated a naming workshop. After various shortlists and discussion the team arrived at the preferred name of Be Active, with Beds used additionally to both locate and differentiate for URL and social profiles – Be Active Beds.

Armed with the workshop findings and new name we could then deliver the design phase, for both identity, presentation templates, stationery and other associated collateral.

Moving from a heritage of a name and logotype is not an easy process, so naturally we were on hand to help the Be Active team with the often challenging transition to their new name and identity.

Yellowyoyo were very quickly able to facilitate sessions to work through our challenges. It was so useful and vital to have external help to support this journey.

We are now, Be Active – Inspiring Bedfordshire to Move More. 

Externals have commented on our branding in terms of how professional it looks and we as a team are delighted!

Clare Fitzboyden / Director of Be Active

Their ability to go above and beyond for their clients is incredible


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