Branding University of Buckingham’s Enterprise & Innovation Unit (BEIU)

8 May 2019

Client relationships are always rewarding. Every once in a while though they lead us to meet people who inspire us in a way that we didn’t see coming. Which can certainly be said of the University of Buckingham’s Enterprise team…

They’re a bunch of unique individuals, every one of them super bright and undeniably passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. That’s also not a bad description of the students that they attract through their doors to study.

The University is the home of the two-year degree, and this give students an edge, not just because it’s a little easier on the student loan front, but also that they can be qualified before their peers, with a developed business already under their belt and sound business knowledge.

Our relationship with the BEIU team began last year, with our brief to ‘expand the reach and raise the profile of the Business Enterprise Programme, with the aim of recruiting new students between 2020 – 2022, whilst creating ‘an adaptable brand that aligns with the University brand while maintaining our unique identity’.

The alignment exercise that we went through ensured the correct foundations for the brand work that was to follow – that of creating a brand logotype and collateral set brimming with personality and able to truly reflect the students’ uniqueness and spirit.

Accompanied by the strapline, ‘it’s YOU that makes the difference’, the logotype features variants of U typeface which reflects the unique, entrepreneurial qualities of the course and students.

The brand was launched in style back in March in the Vinson Building, the home of the BEIU, and there’s more to come. We’re currently working on their campaign for the September 2019 intake, signage and annual report. Being part of the team is great fun and we think the brand reflects that.

“Yellowyoyo identified the various facets of our ‘personality’ as individuals and as a department and brought them together and consolidated them as a brand. They asked the right questions and devoted time and care in their work.

They have consistently delivered in a timely and professional manner and continue to surprise us with their flair and creativity. You’d also be very hard pushed to find a more innovative, intelligent, creative, hard-working, enterprising, passionate, amiable company to work with…  I urge any business looking at brand realignment, brand awareness and marketing strategy, (anything to do with getting yourselves recognised with the right audience in the right way), to consider Yellowyoyo.

If you’re looking to raise your profile within your network, please give what they have to offer a VERY serious look! We recommend, recommend…recommend!  It’s also very refreshing to deal with REAL people…that’s so important in business!”