We’re 20!

18 May 2018

This May we’re delighted, if a little shocked, to find ourselves having notched up 20 years.

We’re celebrating two decades spent with a copious amount of great clients, some of whom we’re delighted to say we still work with. We’ve joined many amazing teams to support businesses, bought umpteen projects to life, collaborated with super-talented specialists, employed some exceptional people and made countless friends.

And in that time the areas in which we specialise – Futures, Strategy and Design for Retail and Brand – have become even more critical… We’re living in an era of unprecedented breadth and speed of change and disruption and we’re working with several large (and some not so large) companies very keen to find their place in an exciting future.

Our 20th year finds us loving life in MK, from where we work locally and globally.

Happy Birthday us!