Vital Signs 22/23

Each year Milton Keynes Community Foundation brings together local statistics to form the Vital Signs report.

Its purpose is to capture twelve key areas of interest, focusing on Milton Keynes – mapping trends, highlighting strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

The Vital Signs report acts as a catalyst for conversations about how as a city we can effectively work together to ensure the very best for our communities.

The Brief

This year’s report marks the 10 year anniversary of Vital Signs being documented in Milton Keynes, and MK Community Foundation were keen to mark the occasion.

After discussions with the MK Community Foundation team, we arrived at the concept of a supporting exhibition, one that would raise the profile of the report and celebrate not only a decade of work, but also act as a showcase for the Foundation.

Our Solution

What began as a brief for a 24 page document quickly grew to become one of 40 pages, as decisions were made to elevate the report, using the extra space to maximise its clean, fresh new look, and clearly emphasise the statistics, community charities and organisations.

We suggested standardising all of the report icons, and created a sub brand for Vital Signs, giving it its own personality and identity. These elements will be used as part of the ‘Vital Signs toolkit’ from now on.

As work on the report progressed, so did the exhibition plans. We worked with the Community Foundation team, designing and planning an event that not only had impact, but could also create legacy, as we ensured that the large graphic banners had life after the launch event.

Following the launch, these eight double sided banner structures spent a month on display in Middleton Hall, Centre:MK. They will also be reused in the Foundation’s HQ, Acorn House, and potentially elsewhere in the city, creating a Vital Signs ‘roadshow’ to raise awareness.

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