Canadian Leadership Initiative

The Brief

This recent project was commissioned by the Information Technology Division of the Government of Saskatchewan, Canada.

We were engaged to complete a review of the delivery of information technology (IT) services in the government, suggest areas of improvement and determine how IT might support Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan.

As part of this process, we also reviewed the leadership structure of the organisation, reporting and communication lines and the management and delivery of projects. 

Our Solution

Following our detailed report and recommendations we were retained to take the Information Technology Division through a comprehensive leadership and organisational redevelopment programme which was aimed at transforming the entire organisation so it leaves its old practices behind and cannot resume its old ways after change.  

To achieve this, we had to implement a complete rethink and redesign of their organisational culture; mandate; vision; strategies and objectives; processes and workflows; policies and business rules; accountabilities, roles and responsibilities; decisions and information requirements; technology and infrastructure; procedures; and then a program of process control to keep the program evolving.

After completing the transformation programme, the Government of Saskatchewan and their leadership team are now equipped with the strong foundations to build processes that actively engage their Ministries in strategic decision-making.

They also have clear alignment of the IT services of the government with effective digital service delivery for the citizens of Saskatchewan.

Their ability to go above and beyond for their clients is incredible


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